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Course Description

To have a good understanding of coffee including the basics of production, roasting, and brewing, as well as how the industry works requires in-depth knowledge of the crucial steps that are involved in ensuring that coffee is made correctly. Knowing the journey of the coffee bean from the plantations to the cup, and then aspects of botany, agronomy, chemistry, physics, and the complex production process that leads to the perfect espresso, by definition, means being a true barista. Being a barista requires a passion for what you do and pleasure in offering the best experience to people. To constantly create excellent lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, you will need knowledge, skill, and passion for the art of espresso, which is a must for every Barista.

A true barista skill contemplates the human factor and the added value it gives to a drink that offers a fantastic experience to their customers with an understanding of processing methods, a barista will know which coffee to suggest to a customer looking for a specific profile. At the barista training course, we will introduce you to the theory, techniques, and equipment required to produce delicious coffee.

Barista Course Program

The program module includes coffee tasting and a practical cappuccino and latte art session. The course will build upon your existing coffee preparation skills, teach you texturing the art of milk and take your barista skills to the next level.

You will learn:

  • Understanding coffee: origins and differences.
  • Specialties about coffees.
  • The essentials of how to grind, dose, tamp, extract and produce a perfect cup of coffee.
  • Knowing the hardcore of an espresso machine.
  • Technical tools: why the tools are important in making the perfect coffee.
  • Pouring techniques and obtaining micro-foam every time.
  • Milk texturing technique.
  • The basic Latte Art designs: rosetta, heart, and tulip.
  • Cleaning: vital advice on how to keep your equipment in perfect working order.

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